The founder

What if I told you could be a guest at your own party?

They’ll tell you I’m a modern visionary, a weaver of dreams made unforgettable moments who has thrown the most exclusive and lavish weddings, events, and parties all around the world.

And while that’s true, if I am able to make it happen and guide you from innovative concept to flawless execution, it is because throughout the years, I’ve surrounded myself with a team of professionals who offer the highest level of tailor-made service, locking the most spectacular venues, exquisite floral decoration and scrumptious menus while only liaising with the finest, most reliable vendors in the industry.

Today, my carnet d’adresses features a world class list of contacts, prestigious associations and superior suppliers. Yet, what ultimately sets events we plan apart is an experiential approach to design: what you smell, touch, taste, feel and hear is meticulously orchestrated to design a spectacular and flawless experience where finesse and extravaganza intertwine.

We can’t stop time, but we can make it pause for a moment.


Tie the knot your way. In a European capital or on the shores of a Greek island, on a boat or on a rooftop, in a castle or in a museum, let’s make this a unique, delectable and unforgettable moment of emotion.


We turn your events into majestic experiences, whatever your heart desires; whether it's a destination wedding on a tropical island, the opening of a palace in Beirut, a 50th birthday celebration on the top of a mountain overlooking snow covered peaks, gathering your friends inside a cathedral in the heart of Paris, or the ultimate Cannes Film Festival party.


It’s not just about creating luxury, it’s also about perfecting excellence. We put our decades-long experience at the service of luxury brands distributers, helping them penetrate and seduce the MENA and Gulf markets through an exhaustive brand integration.


Moments can be captured in pictures, but they can also be turned into special objects. The ones we design in collaboration with the world’s most talented craftsmen are the brainchild of the same passion, dedication, and delicatesse that have helped me make a name for myself in the events industry.